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Let's Cr8!


We’re based in New York

Although our base is NY  we reach around the world.

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In-Person, Remote

The Cre8ive Space Squad is our community of Cre8ives of all backgrounds. Our ideal community manager is a ‘people person’ who is great at bringing people together and making them feel included! In addition to a few behind-the-scenes tasks of communicating with our community online and in-person. 


  • Ideate and implement creative team-building activities and games

  • Quickly respond to inquiries and messages on our social media  in a timely manner

  • Keep TCS community updated on upcoming events

  • Build the TCS community and subcommunities of similar interests

  • Experience building an online community or hosting events (preferred not required)


In-Person Events

The Cre8ive Space hosts a diverse amount of events that we want to capture and highlight. As our camera crew, you would capture the essence of our in-person event through photos and/or video. If you love catching the best angles and expressing your creativity through your lens, this is perfect!


  • Own a camera (preferred not required)


  • Capture photos and videos of live events

  • Work with content creation team and creative director to determine all aspects of shots

  • Bonus: Experience with photo-editing and videography (preferred not required)



Content Creators are creatives that do a little bit of everything. Whether it be coming up with unique video concepts, finding the right angle, or understanding social media trends. TCS is looking for someone who has experience with social media and loves creating content.



  • Owns a phone with the ability to record in 4k/60 fps



  • Brainstorm new content ideas for social media

  • Capture footage at events for our social media platforms

  • Editing content to align with TCS brand and messaging

  • Functions as an ambassador of TCS creating promotional video & speaking on camera



TCS is looking for individuals that love to be hands-on. As our event volunteer, you would help to bring the TCS vision to life before and during events. This will include setting up the venue, creating a welcoming atmosphere during the event, and of course, teamwork! Punctuality and communication are vital for this role.


  • Attend the 2 virtual meetings prior to events


  • Set up the look of the venue to align with TCS vision


Remote, In-Person

We need an administrative assistant to help TCS with behind-the-scenes support. This looks like sending emails, creating agendas, answering phone calls, and updating the team on any changes. You will be working directly with Shianne, TCS’s visionary to make sure internal communication and data collection.



  • Communicate with The internal TCS Crew through Slack to keep them updated with information on events

  • Send emails on behalf of The Cre8ive Space

  • Create meeting agendas and take notes during meetings


Remote, In-Person

TCS hosts a monthly show called The Talk where we bring other creatives on to have honest and open conversations about their journey, process, and more. We need help on the back-end putting up lower thirds, making sure viewers questions are getting answered, and our guests are cued up and ready. 


  • Communicating with guests before show, making sure they understand the program

  • Assisting Shianne with booking guests

  • Ensuring a smooth show

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